Rio Grande is UP!! Mexico Releasing Water


Mexico is releasing water from a reservoir on the Rio Conchos. Just yesterday, 8/6/2010, in the late afternoon the release hit the gauge at the Presidio Bridge. The Rio Grande is flowing at 1145 cfs (cubic feet per second) this morning, up from 215 cfs yesterday, past the Bridge and should be reaching the Lajitas area in the next couple of days. The release is coming from the last of the reservoirs on the Rio Conchos and as of yesterday is flowing at almost 2000 cfs. We have no information on the duration of the release, but based on information from the International Boundary and Water Commission, it looks like there is quite a bit of water behind the dam.

This is a great flow rate for the Rio Grande and allows us to do all our river trips through the Big Bend area of Texas. If you are planning to visit the Big Bend in the next week or so, give Desert Sports a shout.

We’ll keep you posted as we get updates.

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2 Responses to Rio Grande is UP!! Mexico Releasing Water

  1. cindylu says:

    Howdy! If I was there, I’d be on the river. I do miss sitting on a boat absorbing the magnificient canyons of the Rio Grande.

  2. Trevor Larsen says:

    Ah if only I could be in Texas for some high water and not working in Ontario! Mike, Crystal the new site looks great. To all those considering an adventure to this area GO!! I learned my, now retired, boating knowledge from this great bearded Texan named Mike Long, he will look after you and you too will return to your homes wondering how you could have waited so long to experience the Canyons of West Texas.