Big Bend Daily Report

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Updated Monday-Friday; most information provided by Big Bend National Park.

Covid-19 Cautions: Masks required and limit of 4 people in shop. Social distancing a plus!

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Today (8/4/20)TonightTomorrow (8/5/20)3-Day Forecast
Today (8/4/20)
Sunny and hot. Winds from the south at 5-10 mph.
Highs: 85-105°F
Sunset: 8:45 p.m.
Clear. Winds will be from the southeast at 5-10 mph.
Lows: 70-75°F
Tomorrow (8/5/20)
Sunny and hot. Winds will be from the east at 5-10 mph.
Highs: 90-105°F
Lows: 70-75°F
Sunrise: 7:17 a.m.
3-Day Forecast
THU-SAT: Sunny and hot.
Highs: 90-105°F
Lows: 75-80°F

Temperature and Precipitation

Location Yesterday Today Precipitation
High Low 8 am 24 hr Month Year
Panther Junction (elev 3750′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 5.23 in.
Chisos Basin (elev 5400′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 4.59 in.
Rio Grande Village (elev 1850′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 3.78 in.
Castolon (elev 2170′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 3.30 in.
Persimmon Gap (elev 2865′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 3.94 in.
Lajitas (elev 2340′) NR°F NR°F NR°F NR in. NR in. 1.55 in.

River Levels

Gauge Location Flood Stage Today Yesterday Streamflow (today)
Presidio 15.50 ft. 5.25 ft. 5.18 ft. 334 cfs
Castolon 15.50 ft. 3.38 ft. 3.41 ft. 338 cfs
Johnson's Ranch 15.50 ft. 4.63 ft. 4.66 ft. 264 cfs
Rio Grande Village 13.00 ft. 2.95 ft. 3.05 ft. 268 cfs
Dryden 59.00 ft. 5.34 ft. 5.31 ft. 570 cfs
Foster's Ranch 14.00 ft. 1.82 ft. 1.81 ft. 574 cfs

Park Campgrounds

For national park campgrounds availability call Big Bend National Park (Panther Junction) at 432-477-2251. For state campground availability call Big Bend Ranch State Park (Ft. Leaton) at 432-229-3613 or B.A. Warnock Visitor Ctr. (Lajitas) at 432-424-3327.