Big Bend Area Information

Finding your way to the Big Bend is a deliberate act. You end up here because you mean to—it’s not on the way to anywhere else. It is also much, much bigger than most people realize. Essentials for your stay like gasoline and groceries are far apart, and it is worth knowing where these things are available ahead of time so you won’t find yourself caught out without crucial items. Check out our local services page to see what is available near Desert Sports.

The Big Bend area boasts over 1.5-million acres to explore on foot, by bike or by boat. It is a special place, full of history, mystery and a wild brand of natural beauty. More than a change of scenery, it can change the way you see the world, or even the way you see yourself.

Big Bend National Park Rafting/Canoeing» | Biking» | Hiking»

At over 800,000 acres, it is the largest national park in Texas. With terrain that varies from pine strewn mountains to low desert and deep canyons, the national park has endless possibilities for hiking, biking and boating adventures.

Big Bend Ranch State Park Biking» | Hiking»

The largest Park in the Texas Parks and Wildlife system. With 300,000 acres of rugged and remote terrain, it offers superior hiking, biking and boating possibilities.

Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River  Rafting/Canoeing»

Given national recognition in 1978 by an act of the U.S. Congress; its Lower Canyons, the most remote river section in the Big Bend, is a wilderness boaters’ paradise. It’s our favorite.

Black Gap Wildlife Management Area  Black Gap WMA website»

Research and development area for desert bighorn sheep and mule deer, it’s the crown jewel of the Texas WMA system. Its cliffs and canyons are spectacular.