Shuttles in the Big Bend Area

The Big Bend is a vast area, and we can get you where you need to go in your vehicle or ours. We offer shuttle services for all of the canyons in the Big Bend area, including the Lower Canyons. Custom shuttles are available for river runners, bikers and hikers. Contact us for help with arranging your shuttle!

Desert Sports to: Our Vehicle Your Vehicle Chase Vehicle Notes
Rancherias $140 $90
Madera $95 $80 $40
Grassy Banks $85 $70 $35
Lajitas $65 $50 $30
SE Takeout $220 $100
Talley $440 $200
Solis $395 $160
Rio Grande Village $260 $140
Heath Canyon $340 $165 Access Fees
$10/person; payable to Heath Canyon Ranch
Dryden Crossing $720 $350 Access Fees
$40/vehicle + $10/person; payable to Harrison Ranch at
Chisos Basin $140
Blue Creek to Basin $185