Mexico Releasing Water From Rio Conchos

Yesterday we got notice that Mexico was going to start a release from the Rio Conchos. The Rio Conchos feeds into the Rio Grande just above Presidio and augments the river flows through both Big Bend Ranch State Park as well as Big Bend National Park. Based on information available on the web, Mexico opened the gates at the dam on the Luis Leon reservoir today and it is flowing about 1200 CFS. We should be seeing increased flows starting the first part of next week and it is supposed to last between 15 and 30 days.

If you have been thinking of coming out to the Big Bend to raft on the Rio Grande, this could be your window of opportunity. We should be seeing flows that will make it possible for us to offer all our river trips. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops, but give us a shout if you have questions.

Let’s Go Rafting!!!

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9 Responses to Mexico Releasing Water From Rio Conchos

  1. Ray Gulick says:

    I’m stuck in Santa Fe, as usual. Save some water for this fall, when I can make it, will ya?

    • Mike Long says:

      Well, OK Ray. We have turned off the water for now and have decided to wait until you can make it out to crank things back up here on the Rio Grande.

  2. Dusty says:

    Mike, any predictions for mid November river levels on the lower canyons?



    • Mike Long says:

      Dusty, no way to really tell until we get a bit closer to that time. In general it is looking like pretty low flow for the fall season. The Lower Canyons does seem to hold up better than most sections of this reach of the Rio Grande and is a great canoe trip even at the lower flows.

  3. Dusty says:

    Mike, looks like your forecast of low flow for the fall is right on. We’ll be paddling the LC in kayaks and a canoe next week regardless. If you hear of any pending releases from el granero please let us know. Thx

  4. Raoul Duke says:

    Mike, any hope of increased flow through Santa Elena in the next few weeks? Some friends and I are heading out the weekend of 3/23 and will rent canoes and hire a shuttle from you. Is SE even doable at current levels, or should we look farther downstream? Thanks, and see you in a couple weeks.

    • Mike Long says:

      Santa Elena Canyon is, at present, not runnable either UpStream or Down. If you are looking for a multi-day trip I’d be looking at either 4-5 days on Boquillas Canyon or 8 days + for the Lower Canyons. Give a shout if you have questions.