Mountain Bike Day-Rides

The options for putting together Mountain Biking Day Rides here in the Big Bend are numerous. Listed below are a few of our favorites on both the Lajitas Resort Trail System and in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Contrabando Trail System and venturing up and into the Fresno Creek area.  There are also options for customized itineraries to fit with the dynamics of your group, give us a call or email and we can discuss some different ideas.

If you want to spend a shorter time in the saddle or just looking for a bit of easy cruising, check out our listings for the Short Rides. These rides are great for folks wanting to get a bit of experience in off-road/trail riding on some of the best trails in this part of Texas. If you are an experienced Mountain Bike rider, these rides can be fast and fun.

Our longer ride options are intended for more experienced Mountain Bikers. These rides demand a bit more time in the saddle and on the trail, from some easier jeep trail cruising to some of the more challenging day rides in the Big Bend Area.

Rating rides is never a straightforward task. Our ratings – Easy, Moderate and Advanced – are intended to give some idea of the technical difficulty of the terrain. You would also need to pay attention to the distances in order to get a more complete idea of the effort needed for the ride. Be honest with yourself, it will hurt less later.
Easy: Some cycling experience desirable, although a fit person with a good attitude can have some fun.
Moderate: Mountain biking experience is a very good idea. More challenging terrain as well as more trail opportunities.
Advanced: Mountain biking experience required. The most challenging terrain, getting further out into the backcountry.

As always, if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us and one of our local trail experts can answer your questions. All trips start with a rendezvous at Desert Sports unless otherwise noted or arranged. Itineraries are subject to change due to weather, road and trail conditions.

Short Rides: 2-4 Hours

NameDescriptionRatingNo. People: Cost
Lajitas Inner LoopLajitas Trail System: 9-11 miles singletrack and jeep road. Includes the famous Loops 2 & 3 riding from the Lajitas Airport Trailhead.Easy2-3: $95 each
4-8: $75 each
Camino ViejoBig Bend Ranch State Park: 10 miles singletrack and jeep road. Ride the front country trails of the Contrabando Trail System.Easy2-3: $105 each
4-8: $85 each

Long Rides: 3-6 Hours

NameDescriptionRatingNo. People: Cost
Lajitas Outer LoopLajitas Trail System: 15 miles singletrack, creek bed, and jeep road. Fast and flowing, the old South Side Racecourse from the Lajitas Airport Trailhead.Moderate2-3: $115 each
4-8: $95 each
Whitroy MineBig Bend Ranch State Park: 15 miles jeep road, one of the historic mining ruins near Fresno Creek.Easy2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each
Dome from the WestBBRSP: 11 miles jeep road and singletrack, the short version of the Dome Trail.Moderate2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each
Dome from the EastBBRSP: 22 miles jeep road and singletrack, the Classic Dome Loop Ride on the Contrabando Trails.Moderate2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each
Fresno CascadesBBRSP: 22 miles single track, jeep road and creek bed, a pre-historic campsite on Fresno Creek.Moderate2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each
Madrid HouseBBRSP: 28 miles single track, jeep road and creek bed, visit a historic settlers ruin at a Cottonwood Oasis on Arroyo PrimeroAdvanced2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each
Rincon LoopBBRSP: 30 miles single track, jeep road and creek bed, the “Mini” EPIC that includes the Old Government RoadAdvanced+2-3: $125 each
4-8: $105 each