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Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest!


This year Santa Cruz, Juliana, Scott, and Rocky Mountain all got in
on the Demo action. So many bikes to ride! There was something for everyone!
santacruz      juliana   scott   rocky

lajitas ds     tpwd   bss   rbm  


fpf2   fpf3   fpf4   fpf5   fpf6      


Check out some of Crystal Allbright’s photos of the 2014 event by clicking on the photos below. We should have some photo albums of 2015 in the next couple of weeks. Yippeeeee!

bbnppic      lajitaspic      festpic      bbrsppic

Or visit the Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest facebook page to find some photo links and see a huge number of pics from various folks who attended this great three day adventure!

In 2014 we all hung out at the Maverick Ranch RV Park at the Lajitas Resort and enjoyed evening socials over Kegs provided by awesome sponsorship partners and since it was so fun the last four times we’re inviting y’all over to do it all again! So what are you doing President’s Day Weekend?? We’ll open pre-registration in the first week of December so you’ve still got a couple of weeks to cross that date off the calendar, book your days off work, get the bikes all tricked out and call the babysitter. We’ll have feasts and festivities and biking Galore and we’d love for y’all to join us.